Pro Garage Maine


Pro Garage Maine is dedicated to building quality garages at reasonable prices. 

Currently we are having a garage sale! 
24' X 24' two car garage for $18,900.
 This package includes: vinyl siding, two windows, one entry door, two garage doors and a 30 yr. shingled or screw down metal roof. 

(207) 319-4590
 ​We offer many other options:  
24'x24' 10/12 pitch two story - $25,500  
24'x32' 5/12 pitch - $24,200
24'x32' 10/12 two story - $29,300
24'x36' 3 car 5/12 pitch - $26,300
24'x36' 3 car 10/12 pitch two story - $31,600

​We offer excavating and concrete at an extra price.
Pro Garage will build anywhere in the state of Maine.​